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Human Fiction was established by a dynamic team of writers who are curious and passionate for imagination. We publish anything related to fiction: news about recent publication, critical essays, fiction, images, translations, etc. This online magazine is a discussion about fiction in the written word, movies, works of art and other medias, as well as the role they play in our lives and our communities.

Our editing process is collaborative: the writers read each other’s work. Contributors are thus paid with a cacophony of suggestions for their writing.

Human Fiction is an international project that began in Lille, France. We are interested in literature that comes from all corners of the world and we speak a variety of different languages. We publish in French and English. We are looking in particular for collaborators who can translate the work of those who write in only one of the two languages.

The Team

Laura Deavers

Founder, administrator, writer, translator
Interests: History and sociology in fiction, literature in English and French, Jack Kerouac, Elizabeth Bowen, Marcel Pagnol, rural studies, food systems…

Suzanne Boulet

Writer, communications officer
Interests: Attracted to new forms of culture, film-lover and music fan, seeing fiction in art and design, interested as well in the use of objects in the works of Beckett.

Clément Fucci

Interests: Representation of social reality and mindsets in literary fiction, the work of literature as an act which modifies reality and mindsets, autobiographical fiction, the place and use of literary classics in our contemporary culture, hybridation of classical and contemporary literary cultures in art films, Italian literature, European literature.

Justin Fucci

Graphic artist
Interests: Art and litterature, music and cinema.

Bastien Houriez

Interests: Literature-inclined movie fanatic and novice novelist, adept of theories of fiction, all the while listenning and playing music.

Bénédicte Pauvre

Writer, communications officer
Interests: Representation of geography and travel in fiction, mainstream French literature and film, Alexandre Dumas, Italian and Mediterranian culture…

Mahesa Bagas Satya

Interests: The world of monsters (anything from ancient history until the gothic period), twisted reality, psychoanalysis, video games, English literature…

Ievgeniia Sokova

Writer, photographer
Interests: Being open to new cultures, films of all genres and countries, and the film industry in general, literature, medias…

Alexandre Ultré

Webmaster, writer
Interests: Science fiction, video games and other geeky stuff, fictions of self, free culture, cultural hacking, writing in and of itself…

Legal Notices

All of the contents published on this website are the product of their respective authors. However, we publish them in order to share them with you. Once published, unless notice to the contrary, these contents are free for use. You may copy them, distribute them and modify them, as long as you respect the terms of the Free Art license.

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